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  • Apr 19

    Eli Paperboy Reed will release his newest song “WooHoo” on limited-edition 7” vinyl in honor of Record Store Day this Saturday, April 20th. The self-produced “WooHoo” is limited to 3000 copies worldwide.


    He is currently putting the finishing touches on his debut album for Warner Bros. Records, which he produced himself with his guitarist Ryan Spraker. The album represents a sonic evolution beyond the singer’s soulful roots, taking his affinity for classic Chicago R&B and blending it with the ebullience of modern pop music.


    “I think my style, and in particular my approach, have changed pretty dramatically over the course of the writing of this album,” Reed says. “But I still come back to the main elements that I believe are paramount to the creation of a good song: strong melodies, powerful turns-of-phrase, and dynamics. Earlier in my career, I used those principles mostly to create genre pieces. Even if I wasn't basing an idea off a particular song that already existed, I was working within the preexisting framework of Rhythm and Blues. When Ryan and I started working on writing songs for this album, I didn't intend to throw out the rule book, but I wanted to do my best to work without a set of parameters other than the ones I mentioned above. Songs with those hallmarks exist in all styles and genres so that was pretty freeing unto itself.”


    More news on Eli “Paperboy” Reed to be announced soon!

  • Mar 01
    Posted by Eli Paperboy Reed

    Hey everybody,

    Welcome to my new website! I am really excited to have my new album finished, and I’m ready to take this show on the road and let you know what the new sound is all about. This page will be the best place to go to find new music—both mine and whatever I’m currently spinning—tour updates, and whatever else you want to find out about Eli “Paperboy” Reed. For the vinyl heads, we’ve got a new and exclusive 7’’ coming on Record Store Day, so mark April 20 on your calendar. Until then, I’ll be updating the site more with news all the time, so keep checking back. Also, follow me on Twitter (@elipaperboyreed) for more updates. It’s looking like 2013 is gonna be a good one. Looking forward to seeing you guys in your town sometime soon!